Family Business Education Initiative (FBEI)

Do you know how many small businesses in Mississippi are family-owned? Would it surprise you to learn that it's 90 percent? That translates to a substantial impact on our state's economy. Is anyone doing something to help these businesses grow and thrive? At the MSU College of Business, the answer is a resounding "yes!"


The vision of the Family Business Education Initiative (FBEI) is to educate small business owners on how to grow and sustain their businesses. The broader purpose of this educational initiative is to help small business owners and managers develop more effective business practices, bringing value to both their families and the communities they serve. 


Job creation is a vital part of the mission of the College of Business. Many entrepreneurs have the technical skills and motivation to start their businesses, but struggle to grow their businesses because they lack the necessary training to do so. FBEI supports job creation by providing small business owners the tools and knowledge they need to grow, such as HR/legal issues, staffing, and technology. In this way, FBEI helps entrepreneurs take the next step in growing their businesses.

We would like to thank this year's sponsor, Regions Bank, for their support of the Family Business Education Initiative (FBEI) for Fall 2023.

Regions Bank