Strategic Initiatives

Mission Statement

Through innovative research and adaptable education, Mississippi State University's College of Business will positively impact our institution’s globally diverse stakeholders: future leaders, industry partners, and community members. We will equip students to be lifelong learners: to think boldly, to communicate effectively, and to collaborate broadly.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the leader in the Southeast for business community engagement. We will cultivate valuable relationships, accelerate research, and facilitate hands-on learning opportunities to create a unique and dynamic environment that fosters exploration and growth. 

Core Values


We are united by a strong bond, guided by collaboration that bridges campus and society, by humble service, and an aim to provide a holistic, self-aware, and purpose-driven path for all.


We champion the personal worth of each member of the MSU family as critical to learning and innovation, and actively provide resources, mentorship, and experiences to ensure every student's potential is realized in the business world.


We empower the creation and application of novel ideas that advance society through entrepreneurship, research, and strategic risk-taking.


We pursue unwavering honesty, ethics, and consistency in actions, reflecting fairness and strong moral principles.


We equip our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to become decisive and adaptable strategic thinkers who are willing to lead courageously eager for new challenges.

Priorities and Goals

Priority 1: 

Become the destination of choice for students seeking a business education. [SERVE THE WHOLE STUDENT]

  • Goal 1: Grow enrollment by expanding our recruiting footprint to attract students from new areas of the country.
  • Goal 2: Establish custom and executive programs to meet the needs of the market. 
  • Goal 3: Develop a broad set of immersive live case courses within the curriculum. 
  • Goal 4: Increase student participation in study abroad programming. 
  • Goal 5: Improve key outcome measures: placement percentage and starting salaries. 
  • Goal 6: Elevate Graduate and Undergraduate programs in national rankings.

Priority 2:

Increase the quality and impact of scholarly research. [IGNITE INNOVATION, TELL OUR STORY]

  • Goal 1: Publish research in elite academic journals across all disciplines. 
  • Goal 2: Disseminate research to professionals through events and summaries. 
  • Goal 3: Grow faculty participation in interdisciplinary funded research. 
  • Goal 4: Increased the number of editorships at high-quality journals. 

Priority 3:

Establish the College of Business as a destination for business expertise. [ELEVATE OUR COMMUNITY, STRENGTHEN OUR BONDS]

  • Goal 1: Grow the number of firms recruiting students on campus across all majors. 
  • Goal 2: Increase the number of hosted and sponsored events in Mississippi. 
  • Goal 3: Increase the number of College of Business media mentions. 
  • Goal 4: Develop new forums for corporate engagement with students and faculty. 
  • Goal 5: Grow the number of internships available to College of Business students.

Priority 4:

Strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem to boost economic value in Mississippi and the Southeast. [IGNITE INNOVATION]

  • Goal 1: Expand new student startup companies across campus. 
  • Goal 2: Attract investors in entrepreneurial activity from across the nation. 
  • Goal 3: Engage students early in their academic program with an emphasis on entrepreneurial spirit, calculated risk-taking, and opportunities. 
  • Goal 4: Champion and harmonize entrepreneurial efforts across campus.