Strategic Initiatives

Mission Statement

The Mississippi State University College of Business serves the people and businesses of Mississippi and beyond through an enriched learning community. Students are prepared to think, communicate and collaborate ethically in today’s diverse, technology-driven, global business environment. Our College provides a collegial academic atmosphere that nurtures students and encourages faculty to be innovative and to integrate teaching research and service. We seek to advance frontiers of scholarship in the following areas of focus: Family Business and Entrepreneurship (FBE), Governance and Financial Services/Markets (GFS), Information Security and Assurance (ISA), and Distribution and Service Innovation (DSI).

Vision Statement

To be a nationally respected college of business recognized for dynamic classroom experiences and fostering innovative research and development.

Core Values


We encourage our students, alumni, faculty and staff who are confident, strategic thinkers who are willing to lead and open to new challenges.


We stress the importance of responsible decision-making in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching.


We stimulate leading-edge research for professors, graduate and undergraduate students.


We foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for our students, offering real-world experiences for ambitious students with a creative drive.


We embrace the values of service, compassion and giving back to cultivate a better world.


We afford our students the ability to achieve success in the business world, through scholarships, outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art learning resources, study abroad internships and career networking opportunities.

Defined Focus Areas

Family Business and Entrepreneurship (FBE)

Branding, Business Formation, Commercialization, Economic Development, Professionalization, Succession Planning

Governance and Financial Services/Markets  (GFS)

Auditing, Consumer Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Investments, Real Estate, Taxation

Note: Supports the University’s Focus Area of International Development

Information Security and Assurance (ISA)

Accounting Information Systems, Consumer Protection, Cybersecurity, Information Risk Management

Note: Supports the University’s Focus Area of Knowledge Management Systems

Distribution and Service Innovation (DSI)

Customer Service, Health Care and Public Policy & Services, Self-Service Technology, Supply Chain Management

Note: Supports the University’s Focus Area of Mobility Systems and Materials and Health and Education


  • Maintain a strong regional, national, and international academic reputation in each focus area
  • Support an enriched and diverse learning community
  • Solidify the college brand
  • Elevate the academic profile of the College of Business
  • Increase student enrollment