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PhD Programs

Making A Difference

Graduate students in the MBA program.

The doctoral programs in Business Administration at Mississippi State have been making a difference for over 50 years. Designed to prepare candidates for successful careers in academia, our programs develop educators with the exceptional research capabilities and instructional training necessary to compete for jobs in a wide range of universities and institutions. We accept only a handful of students each year and work to provide a learning environment that is both supportive and challenging.


Our internationally acclaimed faculty is dedicated to helping candidates build the technical skills and knowledge of professional standards they need for doing high quality research. The PhD programs support this goal with 24 hours of rigorous course work in a student’s chosen specialization, 9 hours of study in a support field, and 18 hours of training in research design, methods, and analysis. Students emerge from this intensive training having demonstrated mastery of program content with journal publications and conference presentation experience.


Our doctoral programs also offer support and training in developing teaching and classroom management skills. Upon arrival at Mississippi State, many take workshops designed to introduce the techniques and skills necessary to be effective instructors in a university environment and, before receiving their own teaching assignment, all students are required to enroll in a graduate level instructional methods course. These courses along with support from the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning insure that our first-time instructors have everything they need to succeed in their own classrooms.


At Mississippi State, we believe earning a PhD in business is about more than a great career. It is about developing potential, contributing to tomorrow’s knowledge and today’s solutions. We believe in a lifetime of learning, choosing everyday to make a difference.

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