Program of Study



MBAMath will allow prospective students without a business foundation to take a self-guided 40-hour lab that will cover Accounting, Finance, and Business Statistics II, and Microeconomics. Information Systems is also a program prerequisite (can be taken on campus or online or can be substituted by the Information Systems CLEP test) before the student enters the MBA program OR during the initial summer semester of enrollment.

Springboard Week

Springboard Week is an intensive professional development program for incoming MBA students. Held the week before classes begin, new students will have seminars on the following topics:

  • Career Management (from resume development through job acceptance)
  • Interest Assessments
  • Personal Branding
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Speaking Competition (individual and team)
  • Etiquette and Networking
  • Conflict Negotiation and Team Development

Summer (June & July)

  • Summer 1: Accounting
  • Summer 2: Leadership Skills
  • Business Elective
    *Should a student not receive recommended scores during MBAMath, a prerequisite course may be taken during the summer term.


  • Supply Chain & Operations Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic & Entrepreneurial Management
  • Elective


  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Decision Analysis
  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Elective


While not a requirement, the following minors are available MBA students:

  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Information Systems