COB Dividends Show - May 2021

The Dividends Show is a monthly program dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and information from MSU's College of Business. Each episode gives you an inside look at the College's programs and events, history, faculty, students, and alumni.

In the latest episode, host Jeffrey Rupp introduces Lisa Klutts with Growth Alliance out of West Point, MS. Rupp and Klutts discuss Lemonade Day, an annual event sponsored by Mark Castleberry, Cadence Bank, and the MSU Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach, Columbus Lowndes Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Columbus, the West Point-Clay County Growth Alliance, and the Greater Starkville Development Partnership.

The kids learn all about setting up a business and how to run it. They can go to the main Cadence Bank branch in Columbus, West Point, and Starkville and receive a micro-loan to buy supplies for their stand! The loan comes with a quick lesson on how credit works. Kids are encouraged to save, spend and share a portion of their profits with a charity or organization in the community. Lemonade Day 2021 will be June 19th.

Rupp also introduces us to Ryan Wehl, a recent graduate from MSU. Wehl was involved in the recent investment spike in Game Stop. Wehl goes into detail about what it was like investing in Game Stop during the surge of popularity of investments. Rupp and Wehl also discuss what it was like behind the scenes leading up to the spike in investments in Game Stop. Wehl discusses how the Robinhood investment platform made it possible for people to make small-dollar investments in companies.