COB Dividends Show - June 2017

The Dividends Show is a monthly program dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and information from Mississippi State University's College of Business. Each episode gives you an inside look at the College's programs and events, history, faculty, students, and alumni.

In this month's episode, Dividends Show host Jeffrey Rupp speaks with Director of Risk Management and Insurance, Seth Pounds, J.D., who gives us an overview of the Risk Management & Insurance program at MSU and the endless career opportunities available to students pursuing a concentration or minor in the program. RMI students have the opportunity to network and learn from industry professionals both in and out of the classroom. In addition, MSU's RMI program boasts a high job placement rate for its students post-graduation. The RMI program will host a career fair on October 13th, 2017, which will be open for all MSU students to attend.

Our next guest is Ryan Gilbrech, a graduate student and entrepreneur. Ryan is the creator of Meta Games and is currently working to design a new multiplayer PC game which will be released in 2018. Through the Entrepreneurship Center, Ryan has been able to make connections, get feedback on business documents, and find investors. Once funding has been provided, Ryan will be looking for new employees to assist him in the development of the game.