COB Dividends Show - January 2020

The Dividends Show is a monthly program dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and information from Mississippi State University's College of Business. Each episode will give you an inside look at the College's programs and events, history, faculty, students, and alumni.

In this episode, Dividends Show host Jeffrey Rupp speaks with Director of the MSU Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC), Mark L. Scott. The MSU VBOC is funded by the Office of Veterans Development and is one of 22 Veterans Business Outreach Centers in the U.S. VBOC'S purpose is to help transitioning-veterans start their own business after retirement or transition. For more information, visit:

We also speak with Associate Professor of Finance, Dr. Brandon Cline on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Challenge. Cline explains that TVA outsources some of their funds to public and private universities to allow students to gain real-world experience in investing in portfolios and investment decisions regarding stocks and market portfolios. For more information, visit: