COB Dividends Show - February 2021

The Dividends Show is a monthly program dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and information from MSU's College of Business. Each episode gives you an inside look at the College's programs and events, history, faculty, students and alumni.

In the latest episode of the Dividends Show, host Jeffrey Rupp speaks with Assistant Director of Recruiting & Events Kelsey Walker, who sheds light on how COVID-19 changed the recruitment process for the College of Business. Walker explains how she has adapted to COVID-19 restrictions while still being able to reach out and make connections with prospective students by utilizing resources such as WebEx, while also returning to the roots of recruiting via phone calls, letters, and even text messages.

We also speak with Lee Harris, the General Manager and Chief Financial Officer for SGK Landscapes, Inc. Harris shares why he relocated to Starkville, MS and what made him get involved with his alma mater upon his relocation. Harris discusses his experiences and involvement with MSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach. He was immediately impressed with the talent of these budding entrepreneurs, and the staff’s commitment to help them succeed. Soon after, Harris became involved as a mentor at the E-Center as well as serving Executive Advisory Board.