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Management and entrepreneurship are critical to the future of the United States and other nations around the world. Managers devise business strategies, formulate policies, and direct the operations of a business, while entrepreneurs take the initiative to explore business opportunities and start new business ventures. The Management degree at MSU provides students with a solid foundation upon which to build a career as a manager and/or entrepreneur.

Regardless of students' specific career aspirations, expertise in management is valuable given its benefit in a variety of industries. In Management coursework, students learn the principles of planning, organizing a business, managing human resources, and controlling the operations of a business. Students also learn how to develop business plans for new entrepreneurial ventures.

The Management degree offers students flexibility to pursue specific interests. For example, after taking required courses in Principles of Management/Production, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Entrepreneurship, students can choose advanced electives that allow for further specialized knowledge. The capstone courses (a) Business Policy and (b) Management Seminar, taken by graduating seniors, allow students to integrate and apply the theory learned in specialized courses. Overall, the Management degree is designed to offer students a competitive edge in leading established and new business ventures.

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Chrisman, Department Head of Management and Information Systems at or 662.325.1991.