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Faculty & Staff

 Travis  Wiseman, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., West Virginia University, Economics


Dr. Travis Wiseman is Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of International Business at Mississippi State University. His papers have been published in the Southern Economic Journal, the Journal of Institutional Economics, Constitutional Political Economy, the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, and the American Journal of Entrepreneurship. Dr. Wiseman earned his Ph.D. in Economics from West Virginia University in 2013. His applied research focuses on relationships between institutions – both formal and cultural – entrepreneurship, and shadow economies. He is currently working on research which investigates the long-run dynamics of income inequality in the United States as it relates to both overall measures and underlying components of state-level economic freedom. In a separate project, he is investigating the links between slavery, the evolution of institutions, and economic development across U.S. states. Wiseman's teaching record at MSU includes courses in principles-level Macroeconomics, Comparative Economic Policy, International Economics, and Industrial Organization. He also directs special topics, study abroad programs with emphasis on transitional and reformed economies. Dr. Wiseman is the recipient of the Charles G. Koch Doctoral Fellowship (2012-2013); Kendrick Business and Economics Graduate Studies Scholarship, with title: Kendrick Scholar (2012-2013); the European Social Fund Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Programme, DoRa Scholarship (2012); the Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship, with title: Bernard Marcus Fellow (2011-2012); and the Vickers Doctoral Student Teaching Award (2012). Most recently, he is the recipient of the 2014-2015 Most Influential Professor Award, voted by the students, in the College of Business. Previously, Wiseman held a visiting Ph.D. student research position at the University of Tartu, Estonia (Fall 2012).

Recent Publications

  • "Mississippi Shadow Economies: A Symptom of Over-Regulated Markets and Measure of Missed Opportunities, Promoting Prosperity in Mississippi", Institute for Market Studies, 2018.
  • "Slavery, Economic Freedom & Income Levels in the Former Slave-exporting States of Africa", Public Finance Review, 2018, p 224-248.
  • "U.S. Interstate Underground Trade Flow: A Gravity Model Approach", with Paul Walker, Review of Law & Economics, 2017, p N/A.
  • "Economic Freedom and Growth in US State-Level Market Incomes at the Top and Bottom", Contemporary Economic Policy, 2016.
  • "US Shadow Economies, Corruption, and Entrepreneurship: State-level Spatial Relations", Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy, 2016.
  • "Religion and Entrepreneurial Activity in the US", with Andrew Young, The Annual Proceedings of The Wealth and Well-Being of Nations 2012-2013, 2013, vol. 5, p 95-114.
  • "Economic Freedom, Entrepreneurship & Income Levels: Some US State-Level Empirics", with Andrew Young, American Journal of Entrepreneurship, 2013, vol. 6, no. 1, p 100-119.

Recent Presentations

  • "Immigration and Baumolian Entrepreneurship in the United States", Public Choice Society Meetings, New Orleans, LA, 2017.
  • "Political Entrepreneurship and Isolated U.S. City Capitals", Western Economic Association International Meetings, Santiago, Chile, 2017.
  • "Political Entrepreneurship and Isolated U.S. City Capitals", Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings, Washinton, D.C., 2016.
  • "US Interstate Underground Trade Flow: A Gravity Model Approach", 2015 Southern Economic Association Meetings, New Orleans, Louisianna, 2015.
  • "US Interstate Underground Trade Flow: A Gravity Model Approach", 2015 Association of Private Enterprise Education Meetings, Cancun, Mexico, 2015.
  • "Economic Freedom and Growth in US State-level Market Incomes at the Top and Bottom", 2014 Southern Economic Association Meetings, Atlanta, Georgia, 2014.
  • "Entrepreneurship, Corruption, and the Size of US Underground Economies", 2013 Southern Economic Association Meetings, Tampa, FL, 2013.