Economics Club Visits Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

24 Oct 3:30 pm

Atlanta, GA

The MSU Economics Club will be visiting the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta! 

When: Thursday, October 24, 2019- Friday, October 25, 2019


Thursday, October 24
3:30 (CT) Departure MSU
6:00 (CT) Dinner with former MSU student Hoover, AL
11:30 (ET) Arrival to Hotel

Friday, October 25
8:00 (ET) Breakfast
10:00 (ET) Tour Atlanta Monetary Museum
12:00 (ET) Lunch and talk Federal Reserve Bank
2:00 (ET) Departure
3:30 (CT) Free time Riverchase Galleria, Hoover, AL.
6:30 (CT) Departure
9:00 (CT) Arrival MSU


  • Students will cover the cost of dinner (Oct. 24 and Oct. 25)
  • The Finance & Economics Department will provide hotel, transportation and breakfast
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will provide lunch and tour of the Monetary Museum


  • Economics Club members, sign the activity and participation agreement
  • Payment of $30 to cover dinner on October 24, 2019
  • Deposit of $100, which will be returned at departure (deposit will be forfeited if student does not attend)

*Limited seats available!*

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Heriberto Gonzalez at

Dr. Sandra Orozco at

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