Dividends Show - March 2016

Dividends is a monthly program dedicated to bringing you all the latest news and information from Mississippi State University's College of Business. Each episode will give you an inside look at the College's programs and events, history, faculty, students and alumni.

This month, our host and COB Director of Outreach Jeffrey Rupp, along with the Center for Entrepreneurship Director Eric Hill, takes us on a tour of the brand new, 2,000 square foot MSU Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach (CEO), housed in the College of Business' McCool Hall!

Also featured in this episode are three of our student entrepreneurs who are currently in charge of our various student-run entrepreneurship organizations. Nate Baker is president of the Entrepreneurship Network (eNet), a club that serves as an introduction to Entrepreneurship and the multitude of programs that CEO provides. Sergio Pichardo is president of The Hub, the software development entrepreneurship club made up of website and mobile developers as well as graphic designers who are experienced with coding who can help entrepreneurial students with the creation of applications or web-based startups. Brian Patton who is over The Factory, which is MSU's student Maker Space-- an organization providing members access to ready-to-use tools, software and materials. It also includes access to brainstorming rooms, a 3-D printing lab, a welding shop, and 20 professional sewing and serger machines.