COB Dividends Show - June 2024

In the June episode of the Dividends Show, host Jeffrey Rupp speaks with College of Business Dean Scott Grawe, who reflects on his first year at Mississippi State University. He shares insights from his initial listening tour, highlighting the similarities and differences from his previous tenure at Iowa State University. Dean Grawe emphasizes the importance of understanding the passion and commitment of alumni and the broader university community, which has informed the development of a strategic plan for the College of Business.

The show also covers the launch of new programs and initiatives aligned with the college's mission, including the search for a new director for the Entrepreneurship Center. Additionally, the episode marks a transition as Jeffrey Rupp, the current host, prepares to pass the baton to Dean Grawe. Rupp shares memorable moments from his tenure, particularly highlighting outreach programs like i-Create Camp, The Idea Shop's Guitar Building Workshop, and the Golden Triangle Lemonade Day, which engages young students and fosters community connections.

Rupp also discusses his upcoming role at Glo, a company started at the university’s E-Center, reflecting his transition from academia to industry. The episode concludes with Rupp's final sign-off, marking the end of an era for "Dividends" and setting the stage for Dean Grawe's future leadership as host of the show.