COB Inclusion & Diversity Fellows (Diversity Dawgs)

The College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Fellows Program encourages students to further their commitment to creating inclusive environments while celebrating diversity. This program considers the time you devote to topics related to inclusion and diversity to be an investment in our College, our campus, and your future. Earn credit for attending events, participating in organizations, studies abroad, and even certain courses.

Becoming a College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Fellow allows you to learn about the diverse cultures represented at Mississippi State and about yourself. It helps you recognize what you can do to improve the world and to take action that creates a more inclusive environment for all.​

It also serves as verifiable proof that you are committed to inclusion and diversity, a topic that is rapidly gaining importance with the potential employers that are most appealing to you.

For more information, contact Diversity Dawgs coordinator, Dr. Mike Breazeale.