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A minor in marketing requires six courses (18 hours) of study, of which two are required courses (MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing and MKT 4413 Consumer Behavior) and four are electives. Electives may be chosen from among all marketing and transportation courses offered by the department.

The curriculum is designed for flexibility so that students obtain a broad background in marketing that can be customized to augment their preparation for a variety of careers. The marketing minor is especially helpful for students with science, engineering or communications majors who desire to pursue careers involving technology transfer or sales. For instance, a biology student interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales would be an ideal candidate for a minor in marketing. You can work with a marketing advisor to select electives that maximize your preparation for your intended career.

All students minoring in a business discipline must register with the College of Business Academic Advising Center on the first floor of McCool Hall. Please visit the marketing department for additional information.