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Three hours of course credit can be earned for Marketing Internships, provided both the student and the internship work meet the requirements listed below. The internship credit may substitute for a marketing elective.

  1. Students must be a marketing major, have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and have completed at least 75 hours, which must include Principles of Marketing and at least one other marketing course.
  2. The internship must be at least eight weeks in length with the student being employed full-time during this period in a marketing-related job.
  3. The student must write a minimum 10 page paper about the job that details the following:
    • The marketing strategy of the firm that employed them, which must include 1) an analysis of the firm's target market(s) in terms of demographic, psychographic, and other important characteristics and 2) an analysis of the marketing mix(es) employed by the firm to attract their target market(s).
    • A discussion of how the work experiences relate to marketing courses that either the student has taken or plans to take.
    • A discussion of what the student learned from the internship experience.
    • An assessment of the quality of the internship experience.
  4. The above mentioned paper must be completed during the semester following the work experience by the student. Credit will be assigned upon completion of an acceptable paper.
  5. The placement service in Montgomery Hall has a listing of available internship positions. To register for internship credit, please see the department head, Dr. Lueg.