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Marketing is an exciting and challenging field, one that offers many opportunities to the college graduate. Marketing pertains to all activities involved in understanding consumer needs, developing products and services that satisfy those needs, and then communicating product benefits and availability in order to stimulate demand. Marketers are friendly, caring and helpful. Marketers also are creative in proposing ideas to solve problems, and have a good understanding of the relationship between value and cost. Finally, marketers have excellent communication skills and are persuasive in recommending the right course of action.

Graduates are prepared to assume marketing leadership positions in a broad variety of organizations, be they small or large, domestic or global. Career choices within marketing include careers in such areas as field sales, retail management, product management, marketing research, advertising and sales promotion, transportation and logistics, small business and entrepreneurship, and services marketing.

Why Marketing?

Award-winning professors, a rigorous curriculum, and distinctive course options are three of the reasons students choose Mississippi State for their marketing degrees. MSU faculty members have won multiple national, university and college-level awards for the quality of their teaching. The curriculum is designed so students gain the depth of understanding that recruiters appreciate. And, the program features a great deal of customization in marketing and support electives, enabling students to develop a unique competitive advantage when they enter the job market.

Want to Know More?

To find out more about our Marketing program, we invite you to browse our website and/or contact us to speak with someone about majoring in Marketing at MSU.