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Why International Business at MSU?

Global competition is a fact of life for today's college graduate. Many jobs are moving overseas. At home, highly-qualified candidates from around the world compete for the same employment opportunities. The guaranteed "job for life" that many college grads could once look forward to now appears to be a thing of the past.

But along with these challenges, globalization also brings tremendous opportunities. Competition is giving rise to new ways of thinking. Growing world markets represent billions of new customers for businesses. And for the individual, there are now more opportunities than ever to travel abroad and to learn about new people, places and cultures.

It is the purpose of the International Business Program at Mississippi State University to help bright, ambitious students prepare for an increasingly global future. The program is distinct in discharging this mission through a coordinated program of practical skills acquisition, education in the principles of international business and concentrated study in foreign language.

The International Business Program provides students an academic background and work experience to help ensure success in the marketplace. Students receive two degrees at graduation reflecting the dual concentration in Business (with an international focus plus a specific discipline like logistics or marketing) and in the Arts (language and cultural proficiency). This is in addition to the first two years of study developing abilities in writing, mathematics, sciences, and computer literacy.

The hallmark of the 5-year program is an International Internship and cultural immersion in which students work abroad during the Summer, Fall or Spring semester after their 4th year. This work is ideally reflective of the student's specific business discipline and language proficiency area. Alternatively, students may elect to split their internship and international experiences. Students may enroll for a semester in one of our eight partner universities around the world or select a foreign institution to fit their own needs. Similarly, they may pursue internship opportunities with an internationally-focused domestic firm. In total, students must spend at least 6 weeks abroad and 10 weeks on internship.