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Who we are

The International Business ("IB") program at Mississippi State University is an intensive academic and practical training program for talented young people seeking to start a global business career. Students study for five years, receiving two degrees -- a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business with a concentration in international business, and a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, with a concentration in a particular foreign language.

Our students go on to pursue careers both internationally and within the United States, working in areas such as international trade and logistics, global marketing, cross-cultural management and international finance.

Why our students are special

Because of the extra work involved and the demanding nature of the subject matter, the IB program attracts some of the most talented and motivated young people in the South. The average freshman entering the IB program in 2007 scored a 25 on the ACT and had attained a 3.5 GPA at the close of their first semester of study at MSU. Aside from speaking multiple languages, all of our students supplement their academic studies with practical cross-cultural and business training to enable them to tackle real-world international business problems upon graduation.

The MSU International Business Internship Program

As part of their practical training, all IB students are required to complete an internship of at least ten weeks with a company engaged in (or thinking about becoming engaged in) international business. This presents a tremendous opportunity for the students to gain practical business experience, and affords partner companies a chance to obtain the assistance of bright and motivated young professionals at a more than competitive cost. Every year, our students intern with Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and abroad, and many go on to accept permanent employment with our internship partners.

What our interns can do for you

Activities performed by IB interns can range from project work (market research, valuations, preparing business plans) to handling day-to-day business issues. Due to their language skills, our students can be particularly useful to companies doing business in multiple countries, or even to small companies seeking to expand into overseas markets. Projects and responsibilities can (but do not necessarily have to) include:

  • Preparing overseas market research
  • Dealing with translation and protocol issues
  • Assisting with the development of import/export plans
  • Trade-related record-keeping and reporting
  • Handling internal reporting projects
  • Assisting with feasibility studies and business plans
  • Providing basic accounting assistance
  • Assisting with valuation projects.

Due to their exceptional qualifications, international orientation and willingness to work, MSU international business student interns represent an excellent value both to small and large businesses seeking to improve their own international competitiveness. If your company has a need for these or other services, or simply wishes to make a contribution to the training of a young professional, then we hope that you will give the IB internship program serious consideration.

Internship details

MSU IB Internships, which normally take place during the student's senior year, can be paid, partially paid (i.e., reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses) or unpaid. The duration of the student internship must be at least ten weeks, and its subject matter must be directly related to a substantive business activity (i.e., marketing, management, or finance). Beyond these minimum requirements, the internship program is extraordinarily flexible, and can be adjusted to meet the particular needs of your company.

Can I select my own student?

Absolutely. In addition to their particular foreign language training, IB students are expected to specialize in a functional business area, such as management, marketing, banking and finance, accounting, logistics, economics or business information systems. Companies interested in participating in the International Business internship program can let the International Business office know which qualifications they are looking for. Depending on availability, they will then receive a list of students who match their criteria and can then proceed to interview prospects, if desired. Alternatively, the IB program can directly place students with the company.

How can my firm participate?

Companies interested in hosting a MSU International Business intern should contact the Interim IB Program Director, Dr. Travis Wiseman, at (662) 325-1996 ( We are confident that we can answer your questions and come up with a placement that meets your needs.

By agreeing to host an intern, you will be doing a great service to MSU, to the student who will be learning from you and, we are convinced, to your company.

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