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Finance plays a central role in the operation of the economy and is crucial to an organized society’s resource allocation system. Individuals often come in contact with financial instruments (money, stocks, bonds, etc.) and financial institutions (banks, thrifts, insurance companies, etc.); thus, they need to understand the role of the financial system in managing their lifetime financial portfolio. Finance majors acquire the knowledge and skills to help individuals and companies make decisions regarding allocation of scarce resources through analyzing accounting data, utilizing economic concepts, and applying statistical tools in the valuation of financial and real assets.

The Finance major requires 124 credit hours and leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree. For specialization, students may choose from a list of electives based on their interests and career preparation needs. In order to maximize the benefits of their degree, students are strongly encouraged to work closely with a faculty advisor in securing an internship and developing their personal program of study.