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Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business, a start-up company, or other type of organization and is an essential component to the long-term success of our economy. The College of Business offers various resources to help our students embrace entrepreneurship and understand the different aspects from idea to innovation and starting a business.

The university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a world-class facility housed in the College of Business. Founded in 2010, the center’s vision is to create a culture of entrepreneurial activity, provide means to support student start-ups, and provide business planning and mentoring to students. Major program services give guidance and assistance to student entrepreneurs, small start-up grants of seed capital, and connections to larger funding opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship Club, also known as the E-Club, is an environment for enterprising students to build a network that fosters an entrepreneurial spirt. The organization seeks to help student entrepreneurs grow their start-up companies and provide direction to launch their ideas. The main goal of the club is to raise awareness about entrepreneurship, provide workshops, forums, and opportunities for students to learn about the skills necessary to launch a successful start-up organization.

The Entrepreneurship Minor provides an excellent supplement to business majors and may be applied to any university major. The minor also complements engineering majors. Students will complete 16 required hours for the minor learning about legal aspects of entrepreneurship, brand management, and the necessary financial components to be successful in entrepreneurial activities.