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Adkerson School of Accountancy Strategic Plan (2016-2020)


A new strategic planning process began during the fall 2015 semester with the appointment of a Strategic Planning Committee. The initial stage of the process involved obtaining feedback from key stakeholders who completed a comprehensive SWOT analysis via a Qualtrics survey. The stakeholders included faculty, alumni, employers, students, Advisory Council members, and key staff involved in recruitment, advancement, and career services. These efforts were followed by a professionally facilitated retreat held on December 3, 2015 with 58 key stakeholders participating. The one-day retreat required participants to review the University strategic plan, the College of Business strategic plan and focus areas, and a summary of the results of the SWOT analysis. Through interacting in small and large groups, the participants provided feedback about core values, the vision, the mission, and long-term goals. The Strategic Planning Committee was charged with compiling the feedback from the retreat participants and finalizing the plan. After several iterations of the strategic plan with key stakeholders, it was approved on February 24, 2016. Implementation will start immediately.


The Adkerson School of Accountancy strives to be widely respected as a leader in accounting education, high-quality research, and professional engagement.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Adkerson School of Accountancy at Mississippi State is to prepare students for successful careers in accounting and business by fostering an environment that promotes innovative teaching and curricula, high-quality research, collaborative relationships, and service.

Core Values

INTEGRITY: We are committed to ethical and professional behavior.

INNOVATION: We strive to create, leverage and implement forward-looking ideas, methods and technologies.

DIVERSITY: We embrace the opportunity to work and interact with individuals who have unique and different perspectives and backgrounds.

EXCELLENCE: We value excellence in teaching, research, and service to our school, profession and community.

LEADERSHIP: We embrace our role as leaders in academia and the business world.

Strategic Issues

Several broad key strategic issues were identified from the strategic planning process that shape the Adkerson School of Accountancy’s (School) long-term strategic goals.

  • Resources

  • Promoting the School

  • Outreach and Engagement

  • Academic and Research Reputation

  • Recruiting and Retaining High-Quality Faculty

  • Enrollment and Recruiting High-Quality Students

Goals, Action Items & Outcome Measures