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Program Objective

The objective of the MTX program is to further students' education in business and accounting while preparing them for a professional career in taxation. The program focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for taxation positions in today's constantly changing business environment. The program allows you to design a program of study that builds on your undergraduate degree and meets your individual career objectives.

Course Requirements

Students must complete 30 hours of coursework at the graduate level. As prescribed below, this 30 hours is composed of 21 hours of accounting courses and 9 hours of non-accounting courses. Students must also pass an end-of-program oral exam.

Required Tax Courses (15 hours):
Course Number Title Hours
ACC 8063 Research in Tax Practice and Procedures 3
ACC 8073 Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders 3
ACC 8113 Advanced Individual Tax & Wealth Management 3
ACC 8093 Taxation of Partnerships, S-Corporations, Trusts, and Estates 3
Elective   Any 8000 level tax course  
Other Required Courses (6 hours):
Course Number Title Hours
ACC 8013 Seminar in Financial Accounting Theory 3
ACC 8033 Business Assurance 3
Electives (9 hours):
Graduate level Business or Accounting courses

Admission Requirements

Regular Admission
  1. GMAT + [200 * GPA (last 60 hours of undergraduate courswork)] greater than or equal to 1110
  2. GMAT greater than or equal to 450
  3. GPA (last 60 hours of undergraduate hours) greater than or equal to 2.90
  4. Upper-accounting GPA greater than or equal to 2.60
  5. Acceptable reference letters
Provisional Admission

Students who do not meet regular admission requirements may be admitted on a provisional basis on a case by case basis. However, the number of provisional admissions will be limited.

  1. GMAT + [200 * GPA (last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework)] less than 1000, or
  2. GMAT less than 400, or
  3. GPA (last 60 hours of undergraduate coursework) less than 2.75, or
  4. GPA (upper-accounting coursework) less than 2.50.

Prerequisites and Foundation Courses

The prerequisite courses below must be completed prior to entry into the graduate coursework phase of the program. A grade of "C" or above is required on all prerequisite coursework. A complete transcript evaluation will be more specific in individual cases.

Course Number Title
ACC 3003 Acc.Information Systems I
ACC 3023 Intermediate Acc. I
ACC 3033 Intermediate Acc. II
ACC 3013 Cost Accounting
ACC 4013 Income Tax I
ACC 4033 Auditing I
FIN 3123 Financial Management
EC 2113 Macroeconomics
EC 2123 Microeconomics
BL 2413 Legal Environment of Business
Computer Literacy Course
Communication Skills Course

Transfer Credit

Up to nine hours of graduate transfer credits may be accepted toward fulfilling the requirements for the master's degree, provided the credits have been earned in a recognized institution and are considered pertinent to the student's graduate program. These credits are considered part of the student's program and must adhere to the six-year time limit restriction. Please note, however, that "C" grades are not acceptable, nor are extension credits from other institutions.


For additional information on the MTX program, contact the Adkerson School of Accountancy at 662-325-3710.