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Career Information

The Accounting Profession

Simply stated, accountants manage information. Accountants create and verify information used by managers, investors, creditors, and others in making business and investment decisions. As our economy becomes more international and the need for financial information grows, the demand for accountants is expected to remain strong. All types of organizations - businesses, governments, and non-profit groups - need accountants to effectively manage their financial resources.

Career Opportunities

An accounting degree from MSU will enable you to pursue a variety of career opportunities. Public, private, and governmental accountings are the most common career choices for accounting graduates. Some graduates use their accounting degree as a foundation for a career in related business professions.

Public Accounting

AICPAPublic accountants provide their clients with a variety of professional services. Public accountants prepare and audit financial statements, prepare tax returns, develop tax planning strategies, provide personal investment planning, develop computer information systems, and provide other consulting services. The American Institute of Public Accountants, the AICPA, is the premier national accounting association, boasting over 300,000 members. Their Start here. Go places site provides a wealth of information, including accounting careers, technology, interviewing, and scholarship opportunities. Also, check out "This Way to CPA" for encouragement from the AICPA about passing the CPA exam.

Private Accounting

Private accountants work as financial officers, controllers, and managers for any kind of business or non-profit organization. These accountants accumulate financial information for management decision-making, prepare financial statements, design information systems, and prepare budgets. The Institute of Management Accountants, the IMA, is the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management. Their student site is a great source of information. The School of Accountancy sponsors a student chapter of the IMA.

Governmental Accounting

All local, state, and federal governments need accountants to manage and safeguard the collection and expenditure of tax dollars. Federal agencies, such as the IRS and FBI, have a unique need for accounting professionals.


John GrishamInterested in a law degree? An accounting degree provides future lawyers with the knowledge of business, accounting, and tax issues necessary to assist their clients with business and tax matters.

John Grisham, one of Mississippi State's most famous alumni, began his career as an accounting major in the School of Accountancy at MSU.

Business Entrepreneur

Do you dream of owning a business? Accountants have the extensive knowledge necessary to successfully operate their own business.