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Musee Bath Launches Glo® Bath Bomb

8-17-17 - JACKSON, Miss., Aug. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Leave the candles behind; the bath tub can now light itself. Musee Bath, the largest wholesale bath bomb manufacturer in the U.S., is taking bath time to a whole new level with the first-ever lighted bath bomb. With the scent of essential oils and deep blue swirls of natural olive oil, Musee's new Glo® Bath Bomb is the first illuminated bath bomb. Inside each bath bomb is Glo®, a liquid-activated lighted cube that automatically turns off when bath time is over and it is removed from the water. Glo® is reusable so the party can keep 'glo-ing' long past when the bath bomb has dissolved.

Glo® co-founders, Hagan Walker and Kaylie Mitchell, are excited to introduce the first-ever lighted bath bomb through their partnership with Musee. "There are thousands of bath bombs to choose from so we wanted to provide a really memorable, one-of-a-kind experience," Walker said.

"I've always been a beauty guru and tech lover," Mitchell described. "This is an amazing collaboration. Using our liquid-activation technology, we're able to create this incredible experience. No one else comes close to the magical factor of a bath bomb automatically lighting up when you drop it in the tub."

"I am excited about the opportunities available from our partnership with Musee," Walker said. "This product is just the beginning of our collaboration and we are looking forward to bringing more innovative products to the market."

The Glo® Bath Bomb retails for $6.99 and can be ordered at online at, or from any of Musee's participating retail partners found at

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