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Starkville's First Micro-Transportation System Founded by COB Student Entrepreneurs (video)

8-11-17 - STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Two Mississippi State students are transforming the transportation system in Starkville.

Sophomores James Moore and Cameron Maddox are bringing the city its first micro-transportation system. It’s called “Cowbell Carts.”

The two carts can seat up to six passengers.

They’ll drive customers around MSU’s campus, the Cotton District, and Main Street.

The owners said their business will focus on the safety of the night life crowd, serving as an designated driver for students and residents.

“We hope that we can connect all of Starkville through the campus, Cotton District, and Main Street. This is going to be fantastic,” said Cameron Maddox, co-owner and CFO of Cowbell Carts.

“I really think the city of Starkville is going to see a big improvement. It’s a completely new service and I really hope it becomes something that everyone recognizes. People on game days can come down and say, oh we parked a mile away but Cowbell Carts is here, we don’t have to carry our cooler. So, a lot of people I think are going to see a lot of benefit,” said James Moore, co-owner and COO of Cowbell Carts.

Cowbell Carts will officially begin business on the 17th.

Business hours will be every Thursday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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