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Dr. Brandon Cline's Research Featured in Recent Article on MarketWatch

5-22-17 - Research by Dr. Brandon Cline, Associate and Dowdle Professor of Finance, is featured in a recent article on MarketWatch, which examines why older corporate leaders have become the exception to the rule.

Cline’s work, along with University of Missouri professor Adam Yore, on CEO age is highlighted: “Duperreault is nearly 15 years older than the average CEO. CEOs of S&P 1500 companies are, on average, 56 years old, according to data collected by Brandon Cline, an associate professor of finance at Mississippi State University who has researched the impact of a CEOs’ ages on firms’ performance.”

“Companies with experienced younger CEOs tend to outperform those with older CEOs, according to research by Cline and University of Missouri professor Adam Yore. Young CEOs who had industry- or firm-specific experience generated a 16% larger return for their firms than CEOs above retirement age — in part a reflection of how younger CEOs gravitate toward faster-growing companies.”

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