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Dr. Emily Marett's Research Links Crime Genre Tv with Attitudes About Sexual Assault

10-27-15 - Instructor of management Dr. Emily Garrigues Marett's work has recently been published in the Journal of Health Communication. Her study explored the influence different crime dramas had on attitudes regarding sexual assault and consent. Viewers of Law and Order had a better understanding of issues related to consent and were less likely to believe myths that blame sexual assault victims, whereas viewers of CSI and NCIS were linked with negative attitudes about sexual assault and consent-seeking behaviors.

Crime dramas are among the most popular TV shows and are prevalent during prime time. Law and Order is one of the longest running series, but the show is only one example of the genre that has entertained and captivated audiences.

Marett’s research, which she conducted with lead author Stacey J. T. Hust, associate professor of communication with Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communications, among others, is gaining widespread attention in the media, appearing in such outlets as The Atlantic, The Washington Post, New York Magazine and People.

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