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Dr. Michael Breazeale's Research on Branding Strategies of Extremist Organizations featured in the Starkville Dispatch

8-13-15 - Michael Breazeale, whose research focuses on how groups like IS market themselves similar to Fortune 500 companies and other household brands, says these organizations thrive on various social media platforms -- Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, for example -- because they recruit young, tech-savvy people who not only use the Internet to find new members, but also use it to analyze how effective their message is.

"Social media is perfect because they can craft their message, put it out there to many people and almost instantly judge how well it works and is received. Branding is basically effective storytelling, and social media is the perfect tool," he said. (IS and other groups actively recruiting new members via social media) look for people who feel disenfranchised, less than others in some way and want to rebel to some extent, which is similar to the same way gangs have recruited throughout America's history. Now, these gangs are on the other side of the world but are immediately accessible. They create a global experience."

**Mandatory Disclaimer: The views and opinions of Dr. Breazeale do not necessarily reflect those of Mississippi State University, the College of Business, the Department Marketing, Quantitative Analysis and Business Law, or employees thereof.

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