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Dr. Claudia Williamson Shares Thoughts on Why Gov’t. Spending, Regulations Might Hurt Miss. Business Climate

2-23-15 - Dr. Claudia Williamson, Assistant Professor of Economics, was recently featured in the Clarion-Ledger for her opinion article titled, "Government Spending & Regulations Hurt Mississippi Business Climate." Below is an exceprt of that article:

"From education to health to economic opportunity, West Virginia and Mississippi have long battled to stay out of last place. I’m now proud to call Mississippi my home and dismayed that the steps to improve our standing in all of these areas are right in front of us, if only we’d take action.

The latest Economic Freedom of North America report, which measures and ranks all 50 U.S. states in economic freedom levels, is a useful guide in helping Mississippi identify areas in which the state must improve economic freedom and, in doing so, improve opportunity and quality of life for Mississippians."

**Disclaimer- The views and opinions of Dr. Williamson do not necessarily reflect those of Mississippi State University, the College of Business, the Department of Finance and Economics, or employees thereof.

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