Robert F. Otondo II, PhD

 Robert F. Otondo II, PhD


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  • Professor of Information Systems

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Dr. Otondo is a Professor of Information Systems. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University. His research interests center on perceptions and uses of emerging technologies. Dr. Otondo's research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management at The University of Memphis. His research has been published in MIS Quarterly, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Decision Support Systems, Production and Operations Management, and Human Relations.


  • Ph D, Business Administration, Arizona State University, 1998
  • MS, Computer Information Systems, Arizona State University, 1993
  • MBA, Business, California State University, 1983
  • BS, Entomology, University of California, 1976


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