Bob Otondo II, PhD

 Bob Otondo II, PhD


  • Associate Professor of Information Systems

Office: (662) 325-1961
302 O



  • Ph D, Business Administration, Arizona State University, 1998
  • MS, Computer Information Systems, Arizona State University, 1993
  • MBA, Business, California State University, 1983
  • BS, Entomology, University of California, 1976


Book, Chapter

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Book, Chapter in Scholarly Book - Reprint

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Conference Proceeding

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Journal Article

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Refereed Ancillary Workshop

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Refereed Ancillary Workshop Presentation

  • Finding Insight in Business Analytics: Directions for IS Research. SIG Cognitive Research Workshop, 2019 Int'l Confernce on Information Systems, Munich, Germany. 2019

Technical Report

  • Wireless-Based Warehouse Management Systems for the Furniture Industry: Final Report. Franklin Furniture Institute. 2008



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