Eric Hill

 Eric Hill


  • Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach; VBOC Team Member - Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach

Office: (662) 418-9307
101J McCool Hall



Oral Presentation

  • "Retail Accelerators: An Exploratory Study in Rural Mississippi ." International Textiles and Apparel Association , Mississippi State University, Las Vegas, Nevada. 2019
  • "Establishing a Retail Footprint - "How-to" Session for Opening a Program-specific Retail Store in your Community." Annual Meeting, International Textiles and Apparel Association, Las Vegas, NV. 2019


  • "That's a wicked looking tater: An interdisciplinary approach to salving 'wicked' agricultural issues using fashion product development." International Textile and Apparel Association, Inc., International Textile and Apparel Association, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL. 2017


  • "Reaching the Outliers: Breaking Barriers to Increase Entrepreneurship and Innovation Collaboration." Annual Conference, Product Development Management Association, Atlanta, GA. 2016