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Student Policies

College of Business Student Policies

College GPA requirements: To continue in good standing in the College of Business as a junior, a student must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA, a minimum 2.5 GPA on all courses taken at MSU, and a grade of "C" or better in BIS 1012, ACC 2013, ACC 2023, BL 2413, BQA 2113, EC 2113, and EC 2123. Students not meeting these requirements with 76 or more applied semester hours will be removed from their major and placed in pre-business. Students in pre-business will not be allowed to register for 4000 level courses in COB, and will not be able to graduate with a degree from COB.

Senior year: Once a student has earned at least 90 applied hours, they are required to request a Senior Degree Audit at the Academic Advising Center. Failure to do so will result in a hold on the student's records, preventing them from registering for classes in future semesters.

Graduation: To graduate with a degree from COB, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum 2.0 GPA overall
  2. Minimum 2.0 GPA on all courses attempted at MSU
  3. Minimum 2.5 GPA on upper level business courses attempted (3000-4000 level courses in business)
  4. Minimum 2.5 GPA on all Major courses attempted
  5. Complete a minimum of 32 hours of upper level business courses at MSU, with a maximum of 2 grades of 'D'
  6. The last 32 hours of the degree program must be taken at MSU

In the semester you plan to graduate, you must apply for graduation through myState by the deadline published on the Registrar's Academic Calendar. Failure to meet this deadline will result in additional graduation fees.

Course Pre-requisites: When planning course schedules, pay special attention to course pre-requisites as stated in the MSU Bulletin. Some important pre-requisites:

  • BUS 4853 Business Policy requires completion of FIN 3123,MKT 3013, MGT 3114, BIS 3233, and that you be a graduating Senior
  • FIN 3123 Financial Management requires EC 2113, EC 2123, ACC 2013, ACC 2023, and BQA 2113
  • MGT 3114 Principles of Management and Production requires BQA 2113 and EC 2113
  • BQA 2113 Business Statistical Methods I requires MA 1613 (or higher) and BIS 1012
  • MA 1613 Business Calculus I requires a grade of 'C' or better in MA 1313, or minimum ACT math subscore of 24

MSU Student Policies

MSU Honor Code: All COB students and faculty participate fully in the MSU Honor Code:

"As a Mississippi State University student I will conduct myself with honor and integrity at all times. I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will I accept the actions of those who do."

Academic Forgiveness: An undergraduate student will be permitted to retake up to two (2) courses, not to exceed eight (8) credit undergraduate semester hours, in which he or she made a B, C, D, or F with the original grade remaining on the transcript but not counted towards the student's GPA. The policy can be applied only to courses that have been taken at MSU. The retake must also be at MSU. Students may not retake a course under this policy in which an "F" was received as a sanction for academic misconduct. To take advantage of this policy, the student must request forgiveness online via myState by midnight on the first day of classes.

Academic Probation: Students whose cumulative MSU GPA is less than 2.00 at the end of any term will enter the next term on academic probation and will remain on probation until the GPA reaches 2.00 or higher. The course load for students on academic probation is restricted to a total of 14 credit hours; a student on academic probation who enrolls concurrently in excess of this limit in correspondence courses or at another institution will not receive credit at Mississippi State University for such courses.

Academic Suspension: Students with a semester GPA of less than 2.0 who have attempted at least 24 hours of coursework at Mississippi State University AND who fail to meet the following MSU cumulative GPA requirements will be suspended.

Classification Earned Hours MSU Cumulative GPA
Seniors 90 or more semester hours 2.0
Juniors 60-89 semester hours 2.0
Sophomores 30-59 semester hours 1.8
Freshmen 29 or fewer semester hours 1.6

Academic suspension shall be for at least one regular (fall or spring) semester. For students suspended at the end of a spring semester, the suspension precludes enrollment in any summer school session as well as the following fall semester. The student will be readmitted on academic probation following the expiration of the first suspension. A student who attends another university during a suspension from MSU must maintain a 2.0 GPA (calculated by MSU standards) on any transfer work. Students who fail to meet these criteria may be readmitted only on the recommendation of their dean and with the approval of the Provost. A student may continue in school during the second term of summer session, irrespective of his or her record during the first term.

Academic Dismissal: A student who has already received an academic suspension who fails to earn a current GPA of 2.0 or higher, and who has less than the required MSU cumulative GPA, will be placed on academic dismissal. A student who receives an academic dismissal will not be automatically or routinely readmitted. In addition, readmission will not normally be considered until the student has been absent from the University for one calendar year. Based on a written petition by the student, the Executive Vice President or Provost for Academic Affairs may approve the readmission of an academically dismissed student only upon the recommendation of the academic dean of the college to which the student is seeking readmission. Application for readmission should be filed with the student's Department Head no later than fifteen days prior to the first day of classes.

Appeal for a waiver of suspension or dismissal, because of unusual circumstances, should be made through the student's academic dean to the Executive Vice President or Provost for Academic Affairs. No additional appeal beyond the Executive Vice President is possible.

Academic Fresh-Start: Students who have not been enrolled in any post-secondary institution at any time for at least twenty-four consecutive months may petition for admission or readmission through their academic dean's office under the academic fresh-start policy. All college credits earned prior to being granted academic fresh-start will be eliminated from the computation of the student's grade point average and may never be used toward graduation at Mississippi State University.

The student's transcript will reflect the complete academic record but will contain the notation at the appropriate point that all academic work prior to the consecutive twenty-four months absence would be declared void for the purposes of academic standing and graduation. The notation will be made upon the successful completion of at least 12 credit hours at Mississippi State University.

Students admitted under this policy must complete current curriculum requirements in residency to earn a degree. This policy may not be honored in other institutions of higher learning.

Academic Amnesty: Academic Amnesty is designed to provide former undergraduate students, either at Mississippi State University or elsewhere, an opportunity to reenter higher education at Mississippi State University without the burden of past academic difficulties (i.e., grades of "D" and/or "F"). If approved for this program, a student may have specific previously completed courses eliminated from the computation of his or her grade point average; these courses may not be applied toward graduation.

To be eligible for the program, an individual may not have attended any post-secondary institution of higher education for a period of at least five years. Academic amnesty may be requested through the student's academic dean's office at any time after admission or re-admission to Mississippi State University until the end of the semester preceding that in which the student graduates. Academic amnesty will be applied to the student's record only once, and the new grade point average will be noted on the transcript at the end of the semester during which the request was approved. The notation will be made upon successful completion of at least 12 credit hours at Mississippi State University.

Students admitted under this policy must complete current curriculum requirements in residency to earn a degree. This policy pertains only to Mississippi State University and students should be advised that it may not be honored at other institutions of higher learning.