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Student Organizations

Accounting Advocates

The Accounting Advocates Program is a student-recruiting group within the Adkerson School of Accountancy. Advocates are involved with on-campus and off-campus recruiting events and other functions hosted by the Adkerson School of Accountancy for prospective students, alumni, employers, and guests.

American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the world's largest and most comprehensive professional society of marketers. The mission of the AMA is to urge and assist the personal and professional development of its members, and to advance the science and ethical practice of the marketing discipline. Each member of the AMA student chapter at MSU receives: nine issues (September - May) of "Marketing News"; access to the AMA on-line Job Bank; a free copy of the AMA Employment Kit; and exposure to marketing professionals in the group's regular meetings and activities.

Association of Information Technology Professionals

The purpose of the Association of Information Technology Professionals is to bring together students who are interested in information systems. During meetings, this association discusses current topics and brings in speakers from the information systems field.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional society whose primary objective is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Beta Gamma Sigma is an honorary organization available only through Colleges of Business that are accredited through the International Association for Management Education. The main goal of the organization is for faculty to honor students with the highest academic achievements.

COB Ambassadors

The ambassadors of the College of Business are a select group of students who serve as liaisons for the college to students, prospective students, alumni and benefactors of the college. Their purposes are to assist the college in recruiting activities, college events, student activities, and alumni functions. The ambassadors strive to inform students, prospective students, and alumni of the quality of education, activities and the opportunities the College of Business provides. The ambassadors also benefit from opportunities to network with distinguished alumni of the College of Business.

College of Business Ambassadors must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for the volunteer position. These requirements include a minimum 3.0 GPA, must have declared a major in the College of Business, and must be able to commit at least one academic year to the program. All candidates must complete a written application, and selected applicants will be chosen to complete an interview process. If you are chosen for interviews, you will be notified via e-mail with details.

Economics Club

The Econ Club sponsors a number of social and academic events during each semester. These events are often centered around presentations by guest speakers from on and off campus. Our guest discuss important current economic events and issues and relate textbook economics to the real world. Topics of recent Econ Club symposiums include "The Global Economy," "Adventures South of the Border - The Mexican Economy," "Yankee Economics," "The Economics of Trick-or-Treat," and "The Uruguay Round Debate." The Econ Club is also known for the great food we serve at our social hours following the presentations. In addition to hosting our regular symposiums, the Econ Club is active in promoting the economics curriculum and major here at MSU. We are involved in designing and distributing recruiting materials and brochures.

Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club)

The mission of the Entrepreneurship Club at Mississippi State University is to provide an environment for enterprising individuals to build a network that fosters entrepreneurial pursuits. We seek to help entrepreneurs grow their start-up companies, as well as to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the right direction on the path to launch their ideas.

Our goal is to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among the entire MSU student body by providing workshops, forums, and opportunities in order for them to learn about the skills necessary to launch a successful start-up organization, as well as to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experience in supporting the E-Club members' current endeavors.

With the support of the Entrepreneurship Center, the E-Club acts as a liaison for the MSU faculty, the Entrepreneurship Center Advisory Board (ECAB), other advisors and mentors, and students interested in entrepreneurship.

Financial Management Association

The student chapter of the FMA is an extremely active chapter that has received a number of awards. Chapter activities, which include professional, social, and service activities, provide members with the opportunities to meet finance professionals, gaining insights into career opportunities.

Gamma Iota Sigma

Gamma Iota Sigma is a professional fraternity organized to promote, encourage, and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management and actuarial science. This fraternity also encourages high moral and scholastic attainments, and facilitates the interaction and cooperation of educational institutions, industry, and professional organizations.

International Business Club

The purpose of the International Business Club is to keep students informed of IB Program key happenings, promote cultural diversity, fellowship, and networking with students, faculty, and business people, encourage efforts with business, foreign language, study abroad, work abroad, international internships, exchange efforts (faculty/student), help with resumes, interviewing, cover letters, etc., and provide mentors and guest lecturers.

MBA Association

The MBA Association complements the mission of the program by promoting professional growth and serving as a network among alumni, faculty, and students.

  • Contact: Office of Graduate Studies
  • Phone: 662-325-8519

Mu Kappa Tau

Mu Kappa Tau is a student organization limited to students majoring in Marketing. Its main purpose is to recognize and encourage individuals seeking a life-long commitment to an exceptional standard of ethics and achievement.

Omicron Delta Epsilon - Association of Economics Scholars (Econ Club)

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the international honor society for economics. The main objective of Omicron Delta Epsilon is to recognize students with the highest academic achievements in economics.

PGM Club

The PGM Club is open to all PGM students. The club hosts guest speakers from all aspects of the golf industry. The club also coordinates golf tournaments and is in charge of community service projects.

Ph.D. Association

The Association assists doctoral students in creating a scholarly atmosphere, bringing doctoral students closer together as a working and social body, bringing favorable recognition to the University and the College of Business and Industry, broadening the doctoral student's background by placing him/her in contact with specialists in other fields, and aiding the doctoral students through the promotion of academic and professional discussions and meetings.

  • Contact: Office of Graduate Studies
  • Phone: 662-325-8519

School of Accountancy Cabinet

The purpose of this organization is to assist the School of Accountancy with a number of projects to include Discovery Day, High School Seniors Forum, Minority Student Achievement Program, and other activities as necessary.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Investment Challenge Team

The TVA Investment Challenge provides students with real world experience managing a stock portfolio. TVA is a group of students that manages roughly $400,000 for the Tennessee Valley Authority. While advised by a faculty member, the students choose the portfolio and place the stock trades themselves. Traditionally the group meets weekly to review their portfolio of stocks and decide which stocks to hold, sell, and buy. In addition, the group occasionally has the opportunity to travel to financial hubs, such as New York and Atlanta, to meet with fund managers. Admission to the group is competitive and students must submit an application and interview with TVA before joining. The application may be downloaded here and then forwarded to the TVA faculty advisor.

Students interested in applying for membership to the TVA Investment Challenge Team should complete an application (Link Application) and return it along with a cover letter and a resume to the Department of Finance and Economics. The faculty advisor and current team members will review applications and interview prospective candidates.