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Course Requirements

Each core course in the MBA program has been designed to enhance the students’ knowledge and skills according to our mission. The 30-hour program includes a solid core of 21 hours in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Management and Information Systems; two three hour electives; and a capstone Business Consulting Project course in which students apply what they have learned to a current business problem. Instructors in each of these courses have integrated teaching methods and course content to help students achieve the four broad objectives shown above. Students typically finish the program in twelve months.

Required MBA Courses
First Semester
Course Number Title
MGT 8112 Leadership Skills for Managerial Behavior
MGT 8111 Human Resource Issues
MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
EC 8103 Economics for Managers
Second Semester
Course Number Title
FIN 8113 Corporate Finance
ACC 8112 Financial & Accounting Report Analysis
BIS 8112 Management Information Technology & Systems
BL 8112 Law, Business Ethics, & Dispute Resolution
Third Semester
Course Number Title
BQA 8233 Quantative Analysis & Business Research
MGT 8123 Strategic Business Consulting*
Two, 3 Hour-Electives

*Students enrolled in the MBA program must get a B or better in MGT 8123 in order to graduate.

MBA Core Course Descriptions

ACC 8112 Financial and Accounting Report Analysis. Two hours lecture. Analysis of financial statements and internal accounting reports to help management make decisions.

BIS 8112 Management of Information Technology and Systems. Two hours lecture. Course includes the description, acquisition or development and use of systems from a local and global perspective. Technology-enabled concepts are used for student assignments.

BL 8112 Law, Business Ethics, and Dispute Resolution. Two hours lecture. Legal and ethical issues faced by the business firm with emphasis on prevention and resolution of disputes, including mediation, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution.

BQA 8233 Quantitative Analysis and Business Research. Three hours lecture. Investigation of the managerial decisions and statistical techniques used for conducting business research, collection and analysis of data, and presentation results.

EC 8103 Economics for Managers. Three hours lecture. Primarily for masters level candidates. Exposition of the fundamental theoretical and analytical tools of economics used by business managers engaged in decision making.

FIN 8113 Corporate Finance. An examination of the interaction between financial accounting, cash flow extimation, capital budgeting, risk and return, capital structure, and working capital management.

MGT 8111 Human Resource Issues. One hour lecture. Survey of nature and influences of human resource management in organizations. Case studies are used to apply and reinforce theory.

MGT 8112 Leadership Skills for Managerial Behavior. Two hours lecture. Survey of major behavioral skills used by managers to help them understand and influence behavior in an organizational setting.

MGT 8123 Strategic Business Consulting Project. Three hours lecture. A study of strategic management covering environmental analysis, competition between firms, competitive advantage, and strategy implementation culminating in a consulting project with participating organization.

MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management. Three hours lecture. Market strategic analysis, research and planning necessary to effectively match marketing strategies with changing macro, micro and organizational environments.