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The College of Business at Mississippi State University (MSU) is soundly committed to fostering a sense of community that is welcoming to and respectful of all individuals. We are dedicated to increasing student, faculty and staff awareness of diversity and the opportunities available to them on the MSU campus. Likewise, it is our duty to prepare our students for careers in an international and increasingly diverse workforce. We strive for diversity and inclusion where all voices, viewpoints and backgrounds are valued and supported.

College of Business Organizations

To learn more about COB organizations, contact the organization advisors or chapter president:

Accounting Advocates
Accounting & Financial Women’s
American Marketing
Association for Information Technology
Beta Alpha
Beta Gamma
The Entrepreneurship
Financial Management
Gamma Iota
International Business
Mu Kappa
Omicron Delta Epsilon—Association of Economics

MSU Campus Resources

Scholarship/Funding Opportunities

MSU offers a wide array of scholarships and opportunities for financial aid. Information can be found through the Office of Admissions and Scholarships at Additional scholarship opportunities can be found through the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center at or the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion at

Individuals seeking a Ph.D. in business may find scholarship opportunities through the KPMG Ph.D. Project at

Ongoing Programs

ASAP. Accelerating Students into the Accounting Profession is a fun-filled and interactive three-day camp designed for rising high school seniors of all demographics to create an interest in accounting and provide an overview of the various career opportunities within the accounting profession. Participants have the opportunity to get some hands on experience, working with other students and industry professionals to get a preview of their college experience.

Dress Your Best Closet. The College of Business has a professional wardrobe closet for both men and women business students. Open only to College of Business students, professional clothing is on loan for career fairs, job interviews, and class presentations. Contact Catherine Williams in the Dean’s Office for more information.

Career Chats. Every March, the College of Business sets aside a two day period of time to welcome alumni and friends of the college into the classroom to talk about their given careers. The next career chats are March 28-29, 2017.

Mocktails. Each spring, the college holds a mock cocktail party for all College of Business students to interact with the business community and practice business etiquette in a social setting. Mocktails for 2017 will be held March 28.

What the College of Business Means to COB Students

Roderick Erby

"My business program has given me the aptitude to make it in corporate America. There were people along the way here who helped me so much. There were times when I didn't think I could do it, times when I didn't think I was good enough, and people here helped me get back up and go on.”

Feifei Zeng

"The College of Business is family to me. The faculty and staff members work hard each day to help students succeed. I am especially appreciative of the leadership opportunities and mentorships that are opening new doors for me. All of that combined with the International Business Program’s study abroad courses are providing unimaginable adventures that are helping me recognize my goals.”

Alexis Waarich

“I love Mississippi State University so much, and I love the College of Business even more. Here, you are not just a number, and that is something that not every college graduate can say. I know that I made the right choice when I chose to come to Mississippi State University, and I made an even better choice when I chose to major in business. Hail State!”

Tyrus Hill

“My experience as a student in the College of Business has been absolutely amazing! I have been challenged to dig deeper and think critically while also learning what it takes to become a leader in the workforce. Professors, faculty, and staff actually care about student success and go the extra mile in helping us reach our goals. In fact, one thing that I love most about the College of Business is that, although the classes may sometimes have 60 or more students, I am still able to get to know my professors on a personal level."

Daisy Edwards

“Apart from its excellent academics, the College of Business has some of the greatest people I have ever met, including the faculty, staff, and students. These are the people who have provided the opportunities and resources that have helped me develop as a professional and leader throughout my time at MSU. Thanks to the College of Business, the International Business program, and the support I have received from professors, I am confident that I will succeed in my current and future career goals.”

Ana Gonzalez

“The College of Business at Mississippi State University is a family to me. I feel so fortunate to have amazing professors and staff members who truly care about my educational goals. I have never met so many outstanding individuals who push me every day to be the best that I can be. Coming from Panama and leaving my family was rough, but the College of Business has become my home away from home. In the past three years, I have been able to develop unique and exceptional skills that will help me become a world leader one day."

Priyanka Gadre

“I really appreciate the mentorship College of Business has provided me. Professors here are really passionate about teaching and work really hard to see that students’ succeed. They are attentive at a personal level and taught me about the practical implications of the various topics have learned. Resources like the Entrepreneurship Center and Society of Human Resources are wonderful and I am proud to be an MBA student in the College of Business at MSU.”