Risk Management and Insurance Concentration

This concentration option leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with a major in Finance (FINA) and a Concentration in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI). The program offers a broad study of subjects related to the fields of Risk Management and Insurance with an emphasis on the professional educational requirements in the Insurance industry.

Students enrolled in the concentration must complete an Introductory course in Insurance as well as advanced courses in Life and Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Enterprise Risk Management.

There are many good reasons why you should consider a career in the insurance industry. Perhaps the strongest reason is opportunity for employment advancement, job satisfaction, and enjoyment in the industry. Insurance is the fastest growing of all service industries. In good times and bad, the services of the insurance industry are vital to individuals and to the economy. Growth in the industry has been constant and rapid, and experts predict the growth to continue. With this industry growth, good and competent people are in constant demand. Opportunities exist for those educated in Risk Management and Insurance as well as those trained in related fields. If you are a general business major interested in marketing, public relations, data processing, accounting, or other fields, there is a place for you in the insurance industry.

Insurance is a people-to-people industry. Nothing is manufactured. Aside from normal office equipment, there is very little machinery involved except for computers of all types. Primarily, insurance is people performing all kinds of services for other people, whether it is explaining a policy, investigating a claim, or analyzing a risk.

The insurance industry is in every type of location. When you work for the insurance industry, you could be working in a major metropolitan area, in a small town, or in a rural setting. You could be headquartered at a home office building with 25 floors, in a spacious suite, or in a one-room office. If you are looking for an exciting, enjoyable, fast pace career serving and helping people, you should look at opportunities in the fields of Risk Management and Insurance.