College of Business Mississippi State University


Subject Course Title Course Description
INS 3103 Principles Of Insurance (Prerequisite: Junior standing). Three hours lecture. A study of the principles and concepts of insurance plus a survey of personal coverages such as Homeowners, Automobile, Life and Health insurance.
INS 3203 Prop And Casualty Ins Three hours lecture. A study of the major issues in property and casualty insurance including property and liability coverages, company operations, rate making, and international concepts.
INS 3303 Life and Health Insurance Three hours lecture. The nature and function of life insurance; policy forms and provisions; reserves; company organization; legal aspects; taxation and practical application.
INS 3403 Financial Planning (Prerequisites: FIN 3123 ). Three hours lecture. A study dealing with the problems of the individual in the creating, conserving, and disposing of an estate through the use of property, securities, and insurance.
INS 3503 Employee Benefits Three hours lecture. A comprehensive study of employee benefit plans available to employers, including the principles and concepts necessary to design and implement successful employee benefit programs.
INS 4503 Enterprise Risk Mgmt (Prerequisites: INS 3103 ). Three hours lecture. A study of the principles, concepts and techniques to manage pure risk exposures which organizations face while pursuing their objectives.