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Laura Pichardo
Laura Pichardo
International Business
“The College of Business gave me the opportunity to study in one of the top 10 business universities in France and helped me land an internship at one of the world’s largest banks.”
  • Business Major: International Business / Finance / French
  • Graduation Date: December 2014
  • Hometown: Starkville, MS
  • Current Position: Liability Products Analyst, Citibank
  • On the Job: I manage the different aspects of core banking products, such as rates and fees, for Citi Wealth Management Latin America’s Affluent High Net Worth and Specialty Segments (AHS). Among many other responsibilities, I also represent the AHS banking products team in a global conversion initiative to integrate the bank’s consumer branches and products. A normal workday involves collaborating in multiple sprints with people all over the world, as well as representing AHS in the implementation of pricing initiatives that impact our business.
Why did you choose to attend Mississippi State University?

Both of my parents are proud to hold graduate degrees from MSU and can attest to how the university helped them achieve their career goals. I chose MSU because I wanted a university that would prepare me for the “real” world and provide me with the right tools to network and jumpstart my career. For this, and many other reasons, I decided to follow in my parents' footsteps and join the bulldog family.

How did you select business as your major?

Being from an international background, I have always been interested in venturing outside local borders and discovering more of what other cultures have to offer. The International Business Program (IB) was a perfect fit for me, because it combined my passion for the international world with my interest in business. The opportunity to study abroad and complete an internship before graduation also played a big part in my decision to choose this program. Although the IB program requires more time to complete (5 years), it gave me the opportunity to study in one of the top 10 business universities in France and helped me land an internship at one of the world’s largest banks.

How did the College of Business prepare you for your career?

The College of Business helped me prepare for my career in many ways. The faculty and staff challenged me to do better and to reach higher. It was through the College of Business that I learned about internship opportunities. It was thanks to my advisor’s encouragement that I decided to apply and complete the internship with Citibank, which later led to my current job position. Activities organized by the College of Business in conjunction with the career center helped me develop my interview skills and sharpen my resume. The College of Business pays attention to the details and offers a variety of activities and workshops, such us “Dining Etiquette” and “Career Prep" to help give you a well-rounded education. It is not just about offering the required class subjects, but more about creating a true professional who is prepared for a successful career.