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Kylie Hayes
Kylie Hayes
Business Administration
“I am starting my own company, Kylight, LLC. The College of Business, specifically the Entrepreneurship Center, helped me tremendously with this endeavor.”
  • Business Major: Business Administration / Economics Minor / Biological Science Minor w/ Pre-Medicine Concentration
  • Graduation Date: May 2015
  • Hometown: Alexandria, VA
  • Current Position: Founder, Kylight LLC; Patient Care Coordinator and Lead Medical Assistant, DAVinci Plastic Surgery; MBA Student, Arkansas State University
  • On the Job: At DAVinci Plastic Surgery I assist in surgery, quote cosmetic consults, validate insurance claims, and everything in between. As the founder of Kylight, I have invented a product to decrease food waste. In doing so, I have been working with graphic designers, electrical engineers, manufacturers, and website designers to have a product available for sale by December 2015.
Why did you choose to attend Mississippi State University?

I wanted to go down south and loved State. I toured on Valentine's Day 2011 and it was 73 degrees. I was pretty much sold.

How did you select business as your major?

I'm a pre-med student, but I saw the importance of diversifying my undergraduate education. I decided that being a doctor with well-rounded business background would best suit my interest in owning a private practice, so I switched my major from Biological Science to Business Administration after my sophomore year. I plan to complete my Masters of Business Administration in July 2016 and begin medical school in August 2016.

How did the College of Business prepare you for your career?

Currently, I work in plastic surgery and coordinate a lot of reconstructive insurance claims, office administration, and medical assistance, all of which has some tie to my College of Business education. At the same time, I'm starting my own company, Kylight LLC. The College of Business, specifically with the Entrepreneurship Center, has helped me tremendously with this endeavor. Between the entrepreneurship course offered by Dr. Danny Holt and the E-Center with Eric Hill and his various levels of assistance, I am infinitely better prepared to start a company and be an entrepreneur myself. Additionally, the Thad Cochran Grant and E-Week competition both helped financially support my career with Kylight.