College of Business Mississippi State University


Does the College of Business require separate admissions for the business school?

The College of Business does not require separate admissions to be admitted to the business school except for the Professional Golf Management Program and the International Business Program. As long as you are admitted to the university, you are admitted to the College of Business.

How do I apply as an Accounting student?

To apply as an accounting student, select the Adkerson School of Accountancy and PACC as your major.

How do I apply to the International Business Program?

Students with a minimum of a 22 ACT and 3.0 core GPA may apply to the International Business Program. To apply to the International Business Program, you do not have to complete a separate application. Students interested in applying to the International Business program, must indicate the International Business program as their primary concentration on the admissions application.

Select one of the following when you complete the university admissions application.

  1. College – Adkerson School of Accountancy; Major – PACC (Pre-Accounting); Primary Concentration – International Business
  2. College – College of Business; Major – BUAD (Business Administration), BIS (Business Information Systems), ECON (Economics), FIN (Finance), MKT (Marketing), or MGT (Management); Primary Concentration – International Business

If you already completed your application to MSU, it’s not too late to apply to the program. Simply send an email to the Office of Admissions ( and request to add international business to your application. Submit this request along with your name, DOB, and MSU nine-digit i.d.

How do I apply to the PGA Professional Golf Management Program?

Students with a verified USGA handicap of 8 or lower may apply to the program. When completing the MSU admissions application, select the College of Business; Marketing as your major; and, PGA Golf Management as your primary concentration.

I know I want to major in business, but I am uncertain what major to choose right now. What should I do?

No pressure! Simply select Business Administration and we will help you figure out your specific business major once you are enrolled.

I want to be an entrepreneur. What major should I select?

The College of Business allows you to add the Entrepreneurship minor to any business major or any major offered at MSU. The minor will give you 16 full hours of core classes to help you prepare for launching and growing new business ventures. Many business students interested in entrepreneurship also opt to major in Management.

I am interested in Supply Chain Management. How do I add that to my application?

When completing your admissions application, select Marketing as your major and add Supply Chain Management as your primary concentration.

I am interested in the insurance profession. What are my options?

Students that want to pursue a profession in the insurance industry may either select a full concentration under the Finance major or add the Insurance minor to any business major or any major offered at the university. For the concentration, select Finance as your major and add Risk Management and Insurance as your primary concentration. For the minor, add Insurance to any major of your choice. Many students opt to major in Accounting, Business Information Systems, Marketing, or Management and add the Insurance minor to supplement.

What minors does the College of Business offer?

The College of Business offers minors in accounting, business administration, business information systems, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, insurance, management, marketing, and real estate.

How do I change my major to business?

To change your major to business, you must send an email to the Office of Admissions at with your name, date of birth, and nine-digit MSU i.d. with a request to change your major.