College of Business Mississippi State University

Faculty & Staff

 Allison  Pearson, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D., Auburn University, Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior
  • MBA, University of Southern Mississippi, Industrial Management
  • BBA, University of Southern Mississippi, Industrial Management

Recent Publications

  • "Family business as a boundary spanning platform", with Daniel T. Holt, G. Tyge Payne, and Pramodita Sharma, Family Business Review, 2018.
  • "Governance as a source of family firm heterogeneity ", with Josh Daspit, James Chrisman, P. Sharma, and R. V. Mahto, Journal of Business Research, 2018, vol. 84, p 293-300.
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  • "The use of a web-based course management system: Causes and performance effects", with J. Kirk Ring, Tim Barnett, Franz W. Kellermanns, and Rodney A. Pearson, Journal of Management Education, 2013, vol. 37, p 854-882.

Recent Presentations

  • "An empirical assessment of the validity and reliability of the socioemotional wealth (SEW) concept", with Daniel T. Holt, E. Su, L. Lucianetti, and J. Orr, Family Enterprise Research Conference, Asheville, NC, 2017.
  • "The quagmire of legacy in family firms: Definition, formation, and implications of family legacy orientation", with Nathaniel Hammond and Daniel T. Holt, Theories of Family Enterprise, Fort Worth, 2015.
  • "Socioemotional wealth and internationalization of family firms", with Bart Debicki, Barbara Spencer, and James Chrisman, Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA, 2014.
  • "Mobile phone use risks and benefits in a high risk context: An Exploratory Study in Afghanistan", with E Bergiel, Kent Marett, and Rodney A. Pearson, 2013 Meeting of the Southern Management Association, New Orleans, LA, 2013.
  • "Web App Entrepreneurship", with Rodney A. Pearson, Kent Marett, Daniel T. Holt, Melissa Moore, and Robert S. Moore, Mississippi Broadband Connect Coalition Conference, Jackson, MS, 2013.